Ailing plant update

My sickly lucky bamboo is not recovering as I had hoped it would, despite my daily attentions to it. Most of the leaves turned yellow, so I cut them off, and one whole stalk turned yellow as well so I removed that, too. I change the water every two weeks and supplement with iron. I moved it into my study where there’s plenty of light. And still it’s a mere shadow of its former self and there is no indication that it is getting better.


There’s a fair amount of new growth starting at the base of the stalks, but it’s coming in at a snail’s pace, and I don’t know whether the new leaves will come out before the old leaves shrivel up and fall off. Every leaf is showing signs of distress at this point.

I hate watching this plant die before my eyes while I am powerless to stop it.

Has anyone else had a sick bamboo that you were able to save?


7 thoughts on “Ailing plant update

  1. I just did some quick research and discovered that fluoride is toxic to this plant, so if you have fluoride in your water that could be the cause, and I’m thinking that’s what killed mine. Chlorine can also be toxic.

    • I give all my plants distilled water to which I add a general-purpose liquid plant food. All the others are thriving nicely.

      Maybe this type of plant just doesn’t live for decades like a ficus or a Christmas cactus does and I should just let it go and buy myself another one. 😦

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