Location, location, location

When I was looking for a home to buy in 2008, I had a long list of Gotta Haves, Wanna Haves, and Deal-Breakers. I was lucky to find a home that has nearly all my Gotta Haves and Wanna Haves and, of course, no Deal-Breakers.

One of the Deal-Breakers was any house on a lot located at the end of a T intersection. My mother, who knows about feng shui, advised me that the energy of the roadway and traffic alone pouring against the house would make for an uncomfortable living space. I always thought that looking out any window straight into oncoming traffic would be hard on my nerves. My house is located on one side of a T intersection, which is still somewhat vulnerable but not so much so that I feel unsafe.

Today I learned why the top of the T is so unfortunate that I have to wonder why anyone would choose to live in a house located there.

At about 5 this morning, I heard another walloping bang that I thought was just the wind in my chimney again, although it didn’t even rouse Rudy. I didn’t hear anything else, so I went right back to sleep. But later in the day, I looked out my front window to a scene of terrible destruction across the street.


Apparently a car headed in the direction indicated by the arrow blew through the stop sign at the intersection at high speed and smashed into the back of a full-sized pickup truck parked in my neighbors’ driveway. The truck slammed into the corner of the garage, where the front end cracked and buckled the wall, buckled the garage door, and destroyed the 90-gallon garbage tote that was between the truck and the garage. The truck’s rear end was pushed around to the right and smashed into a sedan that was parked next to it, breaking out all the sedan’s windows and windshield. The truck’s canopy was knocked nearly 20 feet away into the front yard.

I was told by other neighbors that the police and ambulance came and that the driver was arrested … all that excitement right outside my door and I missed the whole thing!

Anyway, I feel awful for these neighbors and the enormous loss they sustained through absolutely no fault of their own while they were sleeping. Damn the luck. Damn the location. Damn the people who don’t have the sense not to drive when they’re impaired.


2 thoughts on “Location, location, location

    • Let’s hope they have a good policy! But one wonders … would their homeowner’s insurance pay to replace the vehicles since the vehicles were parked on their property at the time, or would their auto insurance pay? I’m sure it will get complicated. Maybe they’ll get lucky and get paid twice. 😉

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