Soul food

Do you ever get a hankering for something you’ve never had before? I got one of those tonight around dinnertime: a hankering for chicken and waffles. I’ve never even seen that on the menu of any restaurant I’ve ever patronized, but I sure have heard a lot about it on the interwebs the past few years. It’s definitely one of the more imaginative food combinations that’s come along lately.

I considered just getting a fried chicken dinner from the local supermarket deli and calling it good, but a quick Google search revealed a “soul food” restaurant just down the street from me that has chicken and waffles on its menu. Say no more, I scooted my boots right on out the door to go get me some.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it before I hooved it down, but it was kind of like this:


Two pieces of perfectly fried chicken on top of a large, thin waffle soaked in strawberry butter, and a side of maple syrup. I think I may have discovered the world’s most perfect meal! It’s the ideal combination of crispy and soft, savory and sweet, and protein/carbs/fat (I have no doubt that could be scientifically demonstrated). I am so glad I ordered it to carry out so I could eat the whole thing with my fingers. πŸ˜‰ The scent of the meal still lingers in my kitchen and I am feeling like a mighty happy camper right now.

Great food really does do more than just nourish the body. It also feeds the soul.


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