Intruder alert

We had an unusual visitor this morning that arrived unexpectedly and didn’t stay long.

I was at my desk checking my email when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see a shape pass slowly by my office window, which faces my enclosed back yard, and was rather startled by it.

Deciding the dogs would be helpful in checking this out, I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door. We walked around the perimeter of the yard until finally, we all spotted it at the same moment, hovering quietly.


A lone purple balloon, separated from its bunch and critically low on helium, had sailed past my window and made its way around the corner of the house and into the narrow side yard next to the house.

I expected both the dogs to take one glance at this unfamiliar object in their territory and go tearing into it, literally, barking all the way. And there I was, ready to capture the whole thing on film for your amusement!


Reggie turned around and headed to the far back fence that has a neighbor dog on the other side to see what trouble she could stir up with him, while Rudy at least tried to live up to his guard dog rep and went to very cautiously check out the balloon.


He gave it one sniff, then continued his walkabout to the gate, turned around and came back into the main yard without looking at the balloon again. He knows a threat when he sees one, and this was not a threat.

Which is kind of funny, considering how I’ve seen him go nearly insane barking at a blowing plastic bag in the yard. I guess a plastic bag carries dangers invisible to the human eye, so we have to keep small dogs around to protect us from them.

The balloon was gone when I let the dogs out around lunchtime, apparently boosted over the fence and carried away by a passing breeze.


4 thoughts on “Intruder alert

  1. When Honey was a pup she spent several minutes carefully checking out a Dim Sim wrapper that was being gentle buffeted by the wind. She is not too sure about black bin liners even today.

    • Maybe Rudy had a bad experience with a plastic bag as a pup. Dogs supposedly live in the moment, but I’ve found there are some things they never forget.

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