My workout buddy

Some mornings, like today, Rudy likes to “help” me do my yoga. He sticks right next to me when I’m on the mat, expecting me to make my hands available to play with him or at least scratch his ears, no matter what the rest of my body might be doing. Of course, he and Reggie both have mastered the Upward Dog and Downward Dog poses and practice them whenever arising from a nap or preparing to go out.

Rudy on yoga mat

(Sorry about the poor image quality; my phone was the only camera handy.)

When I did my cross-legged poses, he climbed into my lap and curled up comfortably. No amount of shooing will discourage him when he’s in the mood to snuggle (or play), so I’ve learned to just take the time out to embrace him and enjoy his cuddly little self for as long as he will allow it because this doesn’t actually happen very often. Usually he stays in bed and sleeps right through my workout.

Dogs are so short-lived compared to us. Who can afford to waste a moment, let alone a day with them? Yoga will always be there.

Here is a great video of another pet helping her human work out.

Fortunately, Rudy does not feel the need to participate at quite this level. 😉


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