Blogging oddities

For the past few weeks, my post from last September about making Super Tonic has been getting regularly hit, a few times a day, every day, which has inched it up into the top five most-viewed posts on my site overall. And nearly every day, it also gets at least one random spam comment, written in broken English and barely comprehensible, about how they’ve been searching for this information for so long and this is the best blog they’ve ever read and other such empty flattery (which is mostly how I can tell the messages are fake, ha). The links provided by the commenter are to non-working email addresses and sketchy commercial websites, a couple of which I visited out of curiosity until my anti-virus software notified me that it had blocked a Trojan horse from one. Then I stopped clicking the links.

I wonder why this particular post has drawn so much attention from all over the world–not only the U.S. and Canada but also places such as Bolivia, Pakistan, Hungary, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines and elsewhere.  Also, because I am a naive soul sometimes, I wonder why anyone would bother spamming a little blog like mine, and why they seem to have targeted this particular post (all the spam messages apparently come from different sources; I can see no pattern to them). Maybe it has something to do with the fact that people routinely search for terms such as “dr. schulze” and “schulze super tonic,” and this post comes up high in the results. Also, spamming is a numbers game–they spam all the blogs and hope to get their comments posted on a few so that visitors to the blog will click on their links and propagate their bugs. You just can’t be too careful out there.

Fortunately WordPress spam filters are spot-on, and they’ve never let a bogus message through. I won’t do anything with spam messages in the future except delete them, which I should have been doing all along. Because you know what they say…


Unrelated bragging here, just because I can

Total views on Going Forward passed 10,000 over the weekend! W00t! Thanks again, everyone, for reading! 🙂


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