Surviving the time change

We made it through the first Monday of Daylight Saving Time without having a heart attack or car accident, so hooray for that.

Apparently, yesterday was one of the most dangerous days of the whole year, which may or may not be the fault of a guy named George Vernon Hudson, who first proposed this misbegotten bit of temporal tomfoolery back in 1895 because he wanted to have more daylight hours after work to collect bugs.

When I was a kid, DST started much later, and I remember how good it felt to watch that first late sunset on a warm spring day. Now it starts way too early, when the weather is still crappy and cold, and the transition from winter to spring no longer feels right. I don’t understand why they keep starting it earlier and making it last longer. It used to last only half the year (source).

  • 1970: Started April 26, ended October 25
  • 1980: Started April 27, ended October 25
  • 1990: Started April 1, ended October 28
  • 2000: Started April 2, ended October 29
  • 2012: Started March 11, ended November 4

This year it started March 11 and ends November 3. That’s 237 days, 65% of the entire year, when my internal clock is at odds with the world’s time.

Somebody should pay for that.


I didn’t used to have a problem with DST, but this year it’s been a tough transition (last year was no better). I don’t like the dark mornings in the late winter, nor the late, late sunsets in the summer.

Not surprisingly, the article linked above notes, “The transition hits hardest for night owls, and it can take up to three weeks for them to adjust to the new time.” That sounds about right. Every time I glance at the clock, I am shocked by how late it is. The days fly by, and I end up both staying up too late and sleeping too late. We can’t get back to standard time soon enough to suit me.



4 thoughts on “Surviving the time change

  1. Since I’ve lived in Arizona, some 20 years now, I have become so used to not having Daylight Savings Time, I don’t know what I would do if I suddenly had to start. I think there’s a movement afoot to do away with DST.

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