Better late than never

When we were stuck in a deep freeze for the entire month of January, I was on the lookout every day for a pair of palm-sized reusable hand warmers to keep my fingers from freezing off while I was walking the dogs. I could keep all the rest of my body warm except my fingers, even in good-quality gloves. We missed a lot of walks because I make my living with these digits and I need to keep them attached to my body.

While I was out at the video store tonight to pick up a couple of movies for the weekend (because I still haven’t tangled myself up in the Netflix web yet), I found the perfect solution. Never mind that the weather has turned mild and summer will be on its way very soon. When it gets cold again, I will be ready.

Sock monkey handwarmers. Yes.

Sock monkey hand warmers. Yes. The one with the blue hat is still cool; the one with the red hat has been activated and is toasty warm. 

They fit right inside the glove and will stay warm for half an hour, which is as long as the dogs need to get their chores done and as long as I can stand to be out in the cold anyway, so they really are perfect. And cute! Always a bonus.

Now I’m almost looking forward to next winter. Almost.


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