Counting my chickens

More than a month ago, I was contacted about a professional opportunity that I wanted to happen very, very much. I thought the contact was quite positive, and I really got my hopes up that it would prove to be the perfect answer to my prayers.

Now yet another week has passed without any follow-up on that contact, and I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that this egg will not hatch at this time.


For all the hoping and waiting I’ve invested, that’s hard to take. I’m badly disappointed and not sure what my next move should be now that this opportunity has expired.

It’s hard to want one thing so much that you lose sight of all the other possibilities that might be waiting out there, too, which is what I’ve been doing. I’ve simply frozen in my tracks, intent upon being ready to move forward with just this one thing. My world has shrunk down to waiting for a telephone call. Not a happy way to pass the days.

So this weekend I’m going to try to shake loose from my torpor and think about anything and everything else. There is never only one solution to any complex situation. It’s time to widen my field of vision and let the light shine in so I can start identifying some other possible solutions. 


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,
this time more intelligently.
~ Henry Ford


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