Happy dogs = happy weekend

I took the dogs up to the river to play today as promised, and they had a wonderful time running their little legs off. I took my cameras with me, both of them, and if I were a better photographer, I probably would have come home with some pictures. πŸ˜‰

Actually, it’s not that I’m a bad photographer, it’s that I don’t really care much about taking landscape pictures, for oneβ€”I like taking pictures of things that don’t move in a carefully controlled environment, which is why I specialize in product photography. And for two, I have hundreds of photos of my dogs playing at the river and doing everything else they do, so not a lot of incentive to capture that, either.

Hm, why did I take the cameras with me, then? I guess I was hoping to capture some scenic signs of spring, but it’s still just a little too early for that yet. Some green-gold leaf buds on the ends of the branches of the aspen trees was about the extent of it, and those were not very photogenic. Another few weeks, though, and spring will be busting out all over.


Seeing my two happy pooches stretched out on the couch snoring gently this evening after their exercise made me feel good about the day and helped redeem this past difficult week. I hope this mood carries over into next week and that things start moving in a positive direction soon.


4 thoughts on “Happy dogs = happy weekend

    • Undoubtedly so. I just would like for something to happen that I can feel good about, whether it was what I wanted/expected/hoped for or not. I like happy surprises. πŸ™‚

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