Girding for gardening

The weather might just be teasing us, but it’s been so nice the past couple of days that the mothership felt compelled to hit the gardening stores early today for soil and seeds to start planning her summer crops. Tomatoes and kale and three kinds of basil, oh my!

We also picked up a couple of gardening tools she (amazingly) does not already have, including a no-nonsense hand weeder and some Bogs boots—well, those are for me, actually—and we are going to go clear out the raised beds, get several herbs and flowers currently in pots into the ground, and remove leaves and weeds throughout the yard.


We plan to start at the break of day (give or take an hour for breakfast) and work until we can work no more, which, for us, might be shortly before lunchtime. 😉 All the dogs are expected to help, and photographs will be taken. I hope to document some dramatic improvement from our combined efforts.


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