Giving my all in the garden

The mothership’s birthday is tomorrow, and my gift to her this year was a day’s labor in her garden. This is no small thing, either the gift or the garden!

We both started working on it after breakfast, and she put in about an hour pulling weeds and putting her new plants either into new pots or into the ground. When she called it a day, I kept going and going and going, rather too long past the intelligent stopping place, but I know I only get one crack at this all season so I had to make it count. Besides, there was just so much vegetation that needed to be tamed.


The honeysuckle bush on the right is slowly taking over the yard in every direction, so it needed a heavy pruning. The potted roses were in disarray and there was no easy access from the back gate to the raised bed at the bottom left.


So I cleared all that out, hacked back the honeysuckle, and rearranged the pots.


This brick patio is actually a complete spiral, but the weeds had swallowed most of it.


While I could dig out the dandelions pretty easily, pulling the grass out was too much for me. This is a big improvement, though.


I filled and emptied this cart so many times I lost count. Dozens, anyway.


The new Bogs boots worked great, by the way, keeping my feet warm and dry.


The lovely Ms. Regina supervises from her favorite perch in the maple tree. She has had a love affair with that tree from the first day she ever laid eyes on it … and, there might have been a squirrel involved. Every single time I let her out the back door, she runs straight for this tree and jumps into the V between the two trunks.


We didn’t get to planting the seeds today, but as you can see, the mothership is gunning for a bumper crop this year.


These are two of the remedies I’ve taken so far to help ease my aching back … and hands …and shoulders … and knees.

Tonight the mothership is going to give me a Reiki treatment that I hope will provide the miraculous results for which she is renowned.


6 thoughts on “Giving my all in the garden

  1. What a nice gift for your Mom, and one that she’ll appreciate all season long. I’ll bet she has some horseradish tucked away in that garden somewhere!

    • Oh yes, always some horseradish. I hope we have gotten her growing season off to a good start. It’s early, though … still plenty of time for the honeysuckle to regenerate and the weeds to recolonize. πŸ˜‰ I will have to put a repeat performance on my calendar for late June, probably. I should also start hitting the gym between now and then to be better prepared for it!

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