The author in her natural habitat

I spent the better part of a rainy Sunday afternoon yesterday with my sister and her kids browsing the stacks in one of our favorite used book stores.

My niece caught me in the Asian literature section perusing a copy of When Heaven and Earth Changed Places.


I ended up taking home a chunky textbook called Literature: Craft & Voice, as well as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Allusions. Trying to brush up on my lit cred, y’all. 😉


4 thoughts on “The author in her natural habitat

  1. There is nothing better than spending any time in a bookstore. We have a used bookstore here, Bookman’s, that also has music, musical instruments, household items, jewelry, and most of all – lots and lots of books. I can easily spend an entire afternoon just browsing. This particular bookstore started out as one store and now has three around town and one up in Flagstaff, I think. Love spending time there. And they allow dogs in the store.

    • Wow, that does sound like a very cool store. I’d be worried about any books at floor level getting “marked,” though. 😉

      Spending time in a well-stocked bookstore makes me realize how few books I’ve actually read in my life, and I’ve read my share. There’s so much great knowledge out there still to be learned …

  2. What a great picture! Kudos to my grand-niece.
    Here’s a cute quick story on your sister. When she was a toddler, just learning new big words, her grandmother asked her to do something she didn’t particularly want to do. Her reply was “It’s not my natural habitat”.

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