Making a break for it

My folks live in a valley where it rains a bit, to say the least. And in the springtime, the rain is always nearby, even when the sun is shining. A sky full of scattered clouds can consolidate and drop a deluge in a matter of minutes.

Consequently, I have not been keen on taking the dogs walking this week because I can’t abide getting rained on anymore and there’s just no predicting how long a dry spell (or, as we say in the Pacific Northwest, sun break) will last. The dogs have been very accommodating of this for the most part, but perhaps today Rudy was feeling a tad restless.

I put the dogs out in the yard after breakfast this morning, and when I went to call them in, only Reggie returned. Rudy’s usually at the door barking to be let back in as soon as he’s peed, so I knew he wasn’t in the yard. And, sure enough, the back gate was ajar. He’d made a break for it.

I take the dogs’ collars off at night so that their midnight ear flappings will not wake me up, so neither was wearing tags. Since Rudy has run away from me before and made it a good long way from home before a Good Samaritan returned him to me, I was pretty concerned. I started whistling and calling, wondering where this search was going to end up. I was grateful for this quiet neighborhood with very little car traffic on a Tuesday morning.

Fortunately, Rudy just needed a quick unsupervised circuit and sniff; I found him down the block and across the street, and he came running to me when I called him. I picked him up and gave him a lift back to the house, with many kisses along the way for coming back safe.

Back on my lap where he belongs. Photo by the lovely and amazing Annabel.

Back in my lap where he belongs. Photo by the lovely and amazing Annabel.

I’ve never understood people who run after their loose dogs, shouting and cursing and threatening the dog with punishment and even death for running away. What animal would want to get anywhere near somebody who was acting like that? Better to offer treats and/or plenty of affection and praise for the dog that comes back.


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