One dog short

I took my gal pup to the vet at the crack of dawn this morning for some tests, and she had to stay there for most of the day. We missed her! Our house is uncomfortably quiet when our pack of three is one dog short. Not that she’s really a noisy dog—no more so than Rudy, anyway, nor more than any typical Schnauzer. But she certainly has her ways of making her presence felt.

When she came home in the afternoon, she napped for awhile on the couch while I worked at the computer. After an hour or so, she materialized silently by my side, standing up with her front feet on my leg and looking at me soulfully with those deep brown eyes. After a moment, she batted my arm softly with one paw. “Look. Attend. Play.” It was as clear as speech. This Rudy seldom ever does. He will sit at a respectful distance from me from which I can feel his eyes boring right through my skull, but will only touch me as a last desperate attention-seeking resort. He’s very low-maintenance that way.

So I hauled Reggie up on my lap and petted and tickled her, then chased her around the house a turn or two before letting her and Rudy out to play in the yard. Good thing I have my dogs some days or I might put down roots in my desk chair.

Not to worry, all the test results came back normal and she’s fine. We’re very happy to have her home.



2 thoughts on “One dog short

  1. Glad to hear she is fine, and what a gorgeous girl she is! Pets especially dogs are truly our best friends ever, you certainly do miss them when they’re not around. Give her a good little cuddle from me 🙂

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