A note to my followers

Hi, everyone!


I have been watching my Followers count grow day by day, nearly doubling in the past three months alone, which is so flattering, I can’t even tell you. Welcome to all of you. I’m so pleased you’re here.

When I started this blog, which I write strictly for my own amusement, I figured it would just be a place to keep my family and friends, especially those who are not on Facebook, updated on what I’m doing, and keep my writing muscles limber. It was kind of a cozy little secret with my inner circle that I expected to stay more or less incognito forever. But after I was Freshly Pressed a couple of times, lots more readers found their way here and decided to keep coming back.

I have to admit, though, that it feels like the room is filling up around me with lots and lots of faces hidden in the shadows—people I don’t know, but all of whom know me (at least a little) from what I write.

In most cases, I have no idea what drew you here, what you like about what I post, what your interests are. When I got the email saying you’re following me, I viewed your profile or visited your blog (if you have one) to try to learn more about you. And I found nothing, sadly, in many, many cases. No picture or description on the Gravatar profile, no About page or Contact page on the blog, no way to leave you a personal message except to comment on your posts. Several of you blog in a language other than English, so I can’t do much there. And I ask myself … are all of you real people? I know it sounds strange to say it, but without evidence to the contrary, one can’t help but wonder.

A lot of blogs are written anonymously by people who never reveal their names and faces. It’s a little spooky. One of you, for example, has a name that is a series of keyboard characters arranged to resemble two rifles pointing at each other. Your blog is in a lovely curlicue language that appears to be Arabic. I would be interested to learn more about what you and I have in common.

I’ve asked this before, but I’ll ask again because I’m shameless … please feel free to comment on my posts. I really, really appreciate hearing from and interacting with you and learning what you’re thinking. I’d like to get to know you, at least a little bit, as you are getting to know me. Of course, if you just want to read anonymously, that’s fine, too. But please consider the invitation to dialogue always open. 

As always, thanks to each of you for reading! 🙂


8 thoughts on “A note to my followers

  1. Hi Lisa. I feel the same way, although I have some followers who write comments on almost every post I publish. I feel like they’ve become close friends. If I comment on someone else’s post I almost always get a reply so I try to respond to all the comments that come my way.

  2. because your stuff is thoughtful and I’ve become addicted to thought and, at the moment, I have the time to devote to reading what my favourite WordPress people have to say……… maybe tomorrow I’ll get bored, or take up something meaningful like golf……… or get a real job…….. who knows.


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I’m a lurking in the shadows follower. Sorry. I am pretty harmless though and honestly, I just like to see the posts about your dogs. Also, I like how your blog is just you and simple. I follow and read very random and different blogs just because I like to see how others view the world. That’s really it, honest! So yeah, BYE!

    • My posts about dogs and my posts about food seem to do very well. 😉 Anybody who loves dogs and loves to eat can be a friend of mine! I appreciate your reading, even as a lurker. 😉

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