Going out of style

I am a cup-a-day coffee drinker, and I like to make that one cup the easiest way possible: with a filter in a cone holder, like this one.

Image from Amazon.

Image from Amazon.

I’ve had my holder for many years and never gave it a second thought. I took it with me when I went to visit my parents because they have one cone in their house and we often want to brew two cups at the same time. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack it back home with me, so I’ve been improvising with a funnel for the past couple of mornings and getting no satisfaction because the coffee flows through too slowly and ends up being lukewarm by the time it finishes brewing.

But I wasn’t worried about getting another holder because that’s a garden-variety kitchen item that is stocked in every grocery store in town, right? I mean, they were the last time I bought one … which was probably 10 or 12 years ago. But apparently they have since gone out of style, at least among everyday coffee consumers.

I was stunned, really flabbergasted, that not only could I not find a holder at the local We Have Everything store, but also I failed utterly in my attempts to explain what I needed to two different (very young) sales associates. The first one thought I was looking for a replacement part for a coffee maker and suggested I go to Bed Bath & Beyond. The second just looked at me blankly and finally said, “I’m just trying to visualize what it is you’re talking about.” She apparently was unsuccessful and also unable to assist me.

I felt not only old-school but downright old by the time I left the store. If one cannot pick up a cone filter holder at the supermarket nowadays, things are moving too darn fast. Even coffee drinking is getting complicated.


Maybe if I went all over town on a mission to find one I could, but of course such a thing can be found online (and available in siliconestainless steel or porcelain as well as plastic). That is probably the way to go. I guess buying things in person is another thing that’s going out of style.


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