Keeping our eyes open

I saw this comic today and thought of my mother, who gets a lot of visits from family and friends while she is rehabbing (and making excellent progress, I might add). She has a lot of angels around her all the time who keep their eyes on her.


I noticed while I was visiting her at the skilled nursing facility that many residents didn’t have any visitors at all day after day to help keep an eye on them and ensure they were being well cared for. Mom had somebody with her at nearly every meal, during her therapy sessions, and at bedtime. We made sure the attendants came when she pressed the call button, arranged her room so everything she needed was in easy reach, checked to make sure she was warm (or cool) enough, provided manicures and pedicures, refilled her water bottles, combed her hair, washed her laundry at home with the hypoallergenic detergent, and brought her favorite foods as often as we could. We fussed and bothered and hovered, trying to do whatever little bit we could to make her more comfortable in an unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable place.

I wish every person who has to spend time in a facility like that could enjoy the same level of care from their loved ones.


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