Homemade flour tortillas

I’ve been making my own corn tortillas with masa harina for a while now, and I just love them. (Also, I think masa is the best food value in the grocery store.) I decided tonight to try my hand at making flour tortillas as well to see if they would be equally good.

I used this recipe from allrecipes.com, and substituted Crisco for the lard because, you know, lard is just not something I keep on hand or can even imagine cooking with (although Pete Wells makes a mighty compelling case for it). I checked the label on the package of commercial flour tortillas I have and it includes vegetable shortening, so I figured this was a safe swap. Also, taking a tip from one of the reviewers on allrecipes, I doubled the amount of shortening called for.

My results were adequate but not spectacular, which is to be expected on the first try. Even though I flattened them out with a tortilla press, they were still rather too thick, which made for rather long cooking times and a doughy texture that was almost like naan, as well as a doughy flavor that dominated anything I put on top of them.


Since I haven’t been grocery shopping yet this week, the selection of toppings in the house was a tad thin, so I went with Italian: pasta sauce, Parmesan and some herbs. Not bad, not bad at all. I also put butter and cinnamon sugar on a couple for dessert.

The great thing about little flat dough rounds like these is that you can put darn-near anything on them. They are cheap, quick and easy to make, and remarkably filling, just like their masa harina counterparts. And after looking at the commercial tortilla label, I feel a lot better about eating these (I realize there’s no such thing as healthy shortening, but I can live with a little Crisco once in a while). I’ll get the doughiness issue resolved in another batch or two.


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