Cute contest

I was looking at puppy pictures online today for, um, no particular reason, really (honest!) and just can’t decide which breed of dog makes the cutest puppy.

Pit bulls are absolutely adora-bull (heh) when they’re babies:

Also, Weimaraners, with their dreamy blue eyes:

Then there are Scottish Terriers, all super-stubbular:

Although they’re not as cute as Miniature Schnauzers:

My very own Reggie when she was a baby.

My very own Reggie when she was a baby.

As much as I loved my own Rottweiler, I don’t find all Rottie pups to be as cute.

Now, a Golden Retriever puppy gets me every time! OMG, what’s not to love?

But even as much as I love the floofy, sweet looks of Goldens, the cutest breed of puppy just might be the Gordon Setter, an ancient and respectable bird-hunting dog.

The coloring and markings of a Rottweiler, that sweetly domed head and gentle expression, those big soft ears, those chocolate-brown eyes. *swoon*

Now THAT is a perfect puppy face.

What’s your favorite breed of pup?


4 thoughts on “Cute contest

  1. The seemingly snarling Rottweiler puppy is the best!

    I’m new to WordPress and just started my own blog maybe two weeks ago. Now I’m looking for other people’s blogs to read. After reading your somewhat balanced and thoughtful reply to the #FBrape posting, in the midst of what I thought was a lot of self-delusion from many of the others, I opened up your blog and found PUPPIES!! You may be smart AND balanced. That’s got to be good. If you don’t mind, I’d like to Follow your blog. Life’s too short for everything to be too heavy.

    • Of course, followers are *always* welcome here. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, and good luck with your new blog.

      The Rottie pup is showing us his war face, I think. 😉

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