The sounds of summer

Right now, the crickets are chirping outside my window, a sound we get to enjoy every night for the next few months.

I was thinking today about some of the other sounds of summer, most of them less pleasant than crickets singing. Such as:

  • The roar of the local motorway on weekend nights, followed by the artillery of fireworks.
  • The hum of pressure washers cleaning houses to be painted, and the rhythmic tapping of hammers on new roofs.
  • The swish of sprinklers early in the morning, and the roar of lawnmowers early in the evening.
  • The hum of ceiling fans, attic fans and air conditioners.
  • The incessant barking of dogs put out in back yards to fend for themselves through the day.
  • The tinkle of the ice cream truck making its slow rounds.

Except for the motorway and the dogs, I love summer and all it brings. Especially, right now, the crickets.


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