First blogging anniversary

My goodness, where does the time go? Seems like I just started this blog and here I am, a whole year and now 320 posts into it.


Funny thing, I resisted the idea of writing a blog right up until the moment I decided to actually do it, even though many of my friends and family thought it would be a perfect endeavor for a writer and photographer who had, ahem, a bit of free time on her hands. I feared it would be too complicated, too technical, too demanding.

Instead, it’s just been so much fun. Not a cinch by any means to come up with a new topic every day, but incredibly rewarding just the same and, thanks to WordPress, a breeze technically. As of today, I’ve racked up more than 12,800 views and attracted nearly 500 followers. I’ve had the good fortune to be Freshly Pressed twice, which was a wonderful experience each time, and I’ve made the acquaintance of many great people (and perhaps a few nuts, ha) along the way. What a trip! šŸ™‚

Here are a few posts from my first month that you may have missed or forgotten, back when WordPress helpfully encouraged me along the way: “You’ve published 5 posts! Next goal: 10 posts!” I guess they figure by now I’m good for a post most days and don’t need the prompting. šŸ˜‰

  • I explained what I hoped to accomplish with this blog inĀ What Iā€™m doing here, chunks of which I then cribbed for use on my About page.
  • I introduced my two darling doggies in The sweetest things and talked about how they came to be mine inĀ Wanting, getting and having.
  • I revealed my long-standing admiration for Julia Child (who was also a huge fan of kitchen gadgets) inĀ Fun stuff for foodies as well as my awe at her methods inĀ Some advice on cooking. In fact I watched “Julie & Julia” again justĀ last night and marveled anew at how both those women found tremendous success by arriving early in their respective fields (blogging and teaching cooking on television). One worries that it’s all been done by now, but still they are inspirational stories.

Thank you to everyone who reads and follows, especially my mom and dad, my sister, my niece, my cousin and my aunt. I am looking forward to spending another great year with all of you!


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