Good fences make good neighbors

My girl dog is a fierce little fence fighter, and she loves to mix it up nose-to-nose with the neighbor dogs from the safety of her home turf. When we visit my parents, which we’re doing now, she gets plenty of action on both sides of the yard. My folks are surrounded—a little yappy dog (sometimes two) to the east, a little yappy dog and a quieter Lab-type mutt to the west, and yet another little yappy dog and a thoroughly obnoxious standard poodle across the alley to the south.

The house to the south has long had a low picket fence on the alley facing our garage along which ran, almost continuously, the big dirty poodle with the little yapper right at his heels. They barked at everything, all the time, and the big dog lunged and jumped at the fence when we walked by in a most threatening, aggravating manner.

Recently those neighbors put in a new fence, though, that I am delighted to see. It is a good, solid six-footer, and it blocks the dogs completely from sight. They still bark, of course, but at least that’s muffled a bit. I no longer have to worry about that ugly poodle coming over the fence after us when we walk by. What a relief. I like those neighbors and their noisy dogs better already. It’s true what they say about good fences making good neighbors.

Now, if I can just get my own little yapper to pipe down when she’s out in the yard, I’m sure the neighbors would like us better, too.

Can you see the barking dogs? No? Then that's a darn fine fence.

Can you see the barking dogs? No? Then that’s a darn fine fence.

By the way, I am visiting again with my parents for a couple of weeks, catching up with my fast-moving mother who is burning through her milestones in rehab one after the next. Today, in fact, I watched her stand up and take a series of difficult, halting steps forward. She couldn’t do that when I saw her two weeks ago!


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