Tough duty

Our friend Norma had to spend a sunny afternoon today babysitting her daughter’s new cockapoo (or, if you prefer, spoodle) puppy, Gracie Mae, who joined the family just last week. Tough duty to watch a rambunctious little ball of fluff explore her new home with unstinting delight, but Norma was up to the task, and we visited with her for an hour or so to sit in the sun and enjoy puppy antics.


Norma’s pretty happy with her new grand-dog.


What a sweet face!


This pot of pansies has gone to the dogs.


Lots of sunshine, running around and human attention got her tuckered out …


and she finally fell asleep, so we said “goodnight, Gracie” and quietly went on our way.


2 thoughts on “Tough duty

    • House training is the hardest part, no doubt. But Norma and her daughter are doing it the smart way and Gracie is already most of the way there with the potty routine, so now they’ll just mostly have to worry about her teething/chewing. 😉

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