Back online

I was forced to take a brief vacation from the interwebs because I somehow overlooked my wireless router when I was packing up to leave my parents’ house last week. Funny thing, I didn’t realize I had left it behind until I got home and unpacked, but several times on the way I thought, “Maybe I should take a break from things this weekend, turn off the phone and computer, and really get some rest.” Apparently my subconscious had this all worked out well in advance!

Here is what my inner guidance suggested I do this weekend:

  • Eat lightly
  • Drink (water) heavily
  • Sleep as much as possible
  • Avoid the sun
  • Don’t get overheated
  • Postpone all heavy labor for a cooler day

So that’s exactly what I did—washing the car and mowing the lawn will have to wait for the coming weekend, when it might be cool enough in the early morning to work outside for a couple of hours without risking heat exhaustion. The weather here has been cruelly hot lately, and not really safe for woman or beast to be venturing out in except for quick trips in an air-conditioned car. (Side note: My dogs are so lucky to spend their days inside with the A/C; my neighbors have left their English bulldog and Chihuahua out in their yard all day long when the temperature has gotten well over 100, and I pity those poor animals.)

The router is back in hand now, obviously, and I am back up to digital speed. I was anxious about not having my window on the world last Friday, but by Sunday night, I was completely fine with it. Amazing how much time one frees up in one’s real life when one goes offline. 😉



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