Summer soup

As great good luck would have it, I happened to mention to my sister last week that I’m shopping for a food processor, and she happened to remember that she has one she never uses. How convenient is that? So bless her heart, she packed it right up and sent it to me, and I was eager to, ahem, give it a whirl.

It’s exactly the one that I wanted! My sister and I have the same great taste in kitchen appliances, apparently.

Food processors are wonderful tools for doing all kinds of things in the kitchen, and I’m sure I’ll try most of them before too long. The one I tried first, last night, is gazpacho because that’s the perfect summer food: all fresh ingredients and no cooking required.

Budget Bytes has a terrific recipe for Green Gazpacho—cucumbers, onion, green pepper, avocado, parsley, garlic, cilantro—that I highly recommend. I added a generous splash of golden balsamic vinegar to mine to add a touch of sweetness, and it was definitely My Best Ever (second time I’ve made it).


I’ve never been a good veggie eater because when I think of veggies, I mostly think of salads, and when I think of salads, I mostly think of leafy greens. I don’t like leafy greens. But I do like soup, and I like coleslaw a lot, so that’s how I’m going to get most of my veggies from now on!

I want to try several variations of this gazpacho recipe this summer when all the makings are fresh, starting with one that uses heirloom tomatoes. (And let’s not forget the fruits, too; the one with green grapes and Marcona almonds sounds amazing, as does the one with cherries.) I also plan to make several different coleslaw recipes, including what purports to be a near-perfect copy of KFC’s, all of which will be a breeze with my new machine. Time to get chopping!

Happy birthday to my lovely and amazing sister Terry. Just remember, kiddo, you’ll always be younger than me! 🙂



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