Accidental stew

The weather cooled a tad today, only in the low 90s for most of the day (which feels pretty good, actually), so I decided to make some soup to use up my mirepoix from the other day.

I sautéed the veggies for 10 minutes in butter, added a big bottle of spicy hot V8 and two cups of beef stock, and tossed in about half a bag of wide egg noodles. I seasoned with Krazy Salt and about a quarter cup each of Worcestershire sauce and golden balsamic vinegar. It made a marvelous soup! Quick, easy and healthy.

And after cooling, it turned into a marvelous stew …


Yes, the spoon is standing upright in the middle of it unsupported.

That’s a good, solid concoction there, suitable for eating with a fork because there is hardly any liquid left in it. Not a bad thing, but certainly not what I expected. Next time, maybe I’ll use two bottles of V8. And smaller noodles.


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