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“RTFM” is a snarky retort from the tech support world to clueless newbies. It stands for “Read the (Effen) Manual.” In other words, don’t call us when you don’t know how to use your hardware or software because you failed to read the documentation provided with it.

If there were such a thing as Kitchen Tech Support, I might have called them today and they might have told me to RTFRecipe.

I was attempting to make this beautiful dessert from Simple Provisions:

So pretty, right?

So pretty, right?

However, I failed to acquaint myself with the proper technique for melting white chocolate for dipping, and I added a little water and Amaretto (for the flavor, you know) when it got too thick. What I ended up with was more of a sauce the color of a weak latte that would not adhere to the cherries. My results were too ugly to photograph, honestly, so I ended up having plain cherries for dessert.

I also could not find those little silver ball decorations in any of the stores I visited yesterday, which surprised me. Then I read about how a California lawyer decided about 10 years ago that these balls, which are properly known as dragées, are a health hazard and needed to be banned. True story. They are readily available online, unless you live in California, where you can’t buy or sell them. I guess they’re not so easy to get in some other states, either, including mine.

At any rate, I finally RTFR and determined the proper way to make white chocolate dip (you have to add some shortening to keep it smooth, apparently). I think I might try using strawberries next time and shoot for this effect:

red, white and blue strawberries

Looks easy enough!


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