Summer philanthropy

You gardeners know how it is this time of year, when everything starts producing at once and you can’t keep up with the overwhelming numbers of zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and whatever else you planted this spring. It just makes you want to give a big basket of fresh produce to everyone you meet!

My neighbor across the street put in a nice little garden in her front yard this year and it is producing as abundantly as ever one could hope. She got her kids to help distribute the bounty this afternoon while she was processing as many cucumbers as possible into pickles.


Small Boy Child was not very happy about manning the “Free Veggies” booth by himself in the hot sun.


When he saw my camera, though, he put on a sweet smile for me.


This was the entire selection of “Free Veggies” — some very nice cukes. I got a couple of them myself (and a jar of pickles, too).


Small Boy Child’s two elder siblings made him a new sign that more accurately described the available goods.

As the day went on, the produce stand moved into the nearby shade, where all three kids energetically promoted it, and they had a handful of visitors who insisted on paying for what they got. The kids made, I believe, $3 on the day.

Good work, kids.



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