Still a botched job

My coffee table painting project has finally slouched toward an ignominious conclusion—to paraphrase da Vinci, it was not completed, merely abandoned.

As you might recall, I decided to do a quickie paint job on the top of my unfinished wood table with spray paint. My results were simply ghastly.


I spent a number of hours and a large quantity of sweat sanding and scraping it down before I carefully applied glossy white paint with a regular paint brush.


Not much better. The combination of high heat and low humidity on the day I painted made for quick-drying paint and a nicely pronounced brush pattern. Even three coats could not smooth it out and I didn’t have the energy or inclination to sand the whole thing down again.

I took to the internet for advice and found a tip on Pinterest to the effect that if you use a roller and apply the paint in only one direction, you’ll get a nice, smooth surface. So I went right out to Home Depot and, for less than $2, procured a miniature roller and tray kit to finally finish the job.


So tiny! So cute! So clever am I!



This was tricky to photograph and I’m not sure I quite captured it, but basically what I have now after no fewer than seven coats of paint is a slightly stippled roller pattern over a deeply grooved (but at least reasonably even) paintbrush pattern. I know when I’ve been beaten.

So I have abandoned the painting, put the coffee table back together, washed out my brush, tossed the roller kit in the trash, and determined that the next piece of furniture I buy will be already painted! I have a lot of handy skills and talents, but clearly furniture finishing is not one of them.


2 thoughts on “Still a botched job

  1. You could tile it. Tile shops always have a bin in the back with broken and left over tiles. You can get a combo mastic/grout in small containers for repair jobs.

    • I thought about that, for a moment. Painting is kindergarten compared to tiling, and I did so badly with the painting that I think I’d ruin the table completely if I attempted tiling. I didn’t inherit the artsy-craftsy gene as strongly as you and mom did. 😉

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