After 121 days in rehab, my mother came home today.

Look at that lovely smile

Isn’t she still just the cutest? She enjoyed a dozen roses from my dad while waiting for the nurse to finalize her paperwork and check her out.

We are outta here!

We are outta here! Dad wheels mom out of her room for the last time.

Ready to roll

The first transfer, from wheelchair to car, went flawlessly, and now she is ready to hit the road.

Coming up the walk

Dad gives his full concentration to getting mom safely from the garage to the house along the new solid walkway my brother built.

Dog hug

All the dogs were delighted to see her, especially her own dog, Sunny, who couldn’t get close enough to welcome her home.

Mom has come a long way since her first day in rehab after her stroke when she couldn’t even sit up in bed unassisted. She can now move both her legs freely, is able to stand up and transfer from wheelchair to bed or car or commode (and give hugs!), and even walked up the back steps into the house today, which was rather a workout for her. She is going to get a walker tomorrow that she will use most of the time to get around in the house, while keeping the wheelchair for extended trips out of the house.

Like the transition from hospital to skilled nursing facility and from skilled nursing facility to in-patient rehab, this transition to home has been challenging, but of course, the first day is the hardest. Everything should get easier from here on out.



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