Seasonal cleaning

Since it’s very nearly fall and time to do the heavy housework before the snow flies, I had the carpets in my house cleaned this morning, or at least the carpets in my living room and bedroom. The first order of business after breakfast and feeding the dogs was to move all the furniture out of both rooms. By myself.


I am not one of those women who feels she must rely on a male relative or neighbor to do her heavy lifting for her. I’m a good, strong girl and I can move my own furniture. With the help of my four Moving Men, of course.

Wait, what?


These foam-padded plastic discs slip under the corners of furniture and allow the heaviest objects to slide smoothly across carpet or bare floor with minimal effort. I moved my eight-drawer dresser from the bedroom through the bathroom and laundry room and into the kitchen and didn’t even have to take out the drawers first. I just can’t recommend these sliders highly enough—they save your floors, your furniture, and, most importantly, your back. You can find them on Amazon or at home improvement stores.

I don't know how much it actually weighs, but let's just say a thousand pounds.

I don’t know how much this piece of furniture actually weighs, but let’s just say a thousand pounds.

The dresser joined the couch, coffee table, desk and bookcases in the kitchen for the duration, while the bed was disassembled and stuffed into my office.


Good thing I have a big kitchen.

Once the furniture was moved, which took about 20 minutes and did not result in any injuries or damage to self, furniture or house, I vacuumed thoroughly because even though the carpet cleaning company promised to do that, there are some things a girl just wants to do herself so she knows it’s been done properly. And those dusty baseboards, oi. I knew the carpet guy wouldn’t be going after those with the same loving care that I brought to the task.

The guy showed up right on time and it didn’t take him long to get the carpet looking brand new again (not that it was particularly dirty, of course, but they use this neat rake at the very last that fluffs it up nicely and removes all evidence that the carpet has ever been tread upon). However, it wasn’t dry after two hours as he said it would be, so I picked up the dogs from the groomer where they spent the morning to keep them out of the way, and we went and visited some old friends in the neighborhood where I used to live. My friend and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and walk the dogs, but it turned out to be rather warmer than we thought and all our tongues were hanging out by the time we got back.

After an early wake-up, a morning of heavy labor, and a long walk in the hot sun, I got home late in the afternoon running on my last battery bar. And there was all my furniture waiting for me, needing to be moved back into place.

It took a lot longer to do this time, well over an hour, and by the time I finished putting everything away and cleaning everything up, I had sunk to that state of exhaustion where if anyone looked at my cross-eyed I’d have burst into tears and then ripped their liver out. You know the one. Anyway, I was glad not to have anyone looking at me cross-eyed, but it sure would have been nice if someone could have stopped by and brought me dinner, then looked at me kindly and left so I could eat and shower and go to bed in peace.

But, we single girls have to do all that for ourselves, too, so I did. And now I really have reached the end of my little rope and am at risk of crashing right where I sit.

Oh, and I let the dogs’ coats go completely to mats while I was out of town last week, so they both had to get shaved down to the nubbins today. Rudy, as always, bears the humiliation with quiet dignity as only he can.


Reggie declined to be photographed for this blog post.


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