Kitty therapy


This pretty girl is Fiona, who I am pet-sitting for a couple of weeks. Every morning after breakfast, I go over to her house and take care of the necessaries—food, water, litter box—and then we sit down and have a cuddle. I come home half an hour later covered with kitty hair and get such a sniffing from my dogs!

Fiona is a very gentle cat who loves to be petted and scritched. She never deploys her teeth or claws, and she purrs continuously. It’s as much for my benefit as hers that I spend as much time with her as I do. The message I get from her is “your hands are soft, your touch is gentle, your lap is warm—YOU ARE PERFECT.” She asks nothing of me except for kindness, and she repays me with her trust.

The world might be made up of cat people and dog people, but I am pretty much equally both. I loved my big dog, I love my little dogs even more, and yet there’s nothing quite so satisfying as petting a purring cat on my lap. 

puppy-and-cat Animals. I just love ’em.



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