The garage project

Getting racking up in my garage turned out to be every bit as big a job as I expected. About six hours’ worth of work, in fact, and considerable physical strain. It came out pretty well, but I will be very glad not to have to do this again for at least several years.

Here is a picture taken right after I moved here in 2008 that shows the overhead cabinets that I removed last weekend.


Everything I have stored out there was just piled on the floor, with a few short wooden shelves buried under the piles somewhere. This is how it looked this morning, in the rain.


I got three 48″ x 24″ x 72″ metal racks with particle board shelves that weigh about 50 pounds each, and assembled them. Then I moved everything away from the walls and cleaned up five years’ worth of spider webs, spider egg sacks, dead insect bodies, garden detritus and dust. That part seemed to take forever because as soon as I cleaned one section, it seemed that the wind would kick up and send another drift of dust and old leaves and whatnot right over the area I’d just swept and shop-vacced. I don’t think, right now, that it actually is physically possible to get a garage 100% clean. I just knocked the dirty down to a dull roar.

Anyway, I didn’t quite manage to manifest my vision of perfect organization with the racking, but I think there’s an improvement. Here’s how it looks tonight.


Almost everything is off the floor and facing out, at least, and the current spider population is a tiny fraction of what it was this morning.

Did I mention the physical strain part? I dropped one of those incredibly heavy boxed shelves on my foot, which is always a treat.


Haha, just kidding … that is not actually my foot. Yes, I did drop the box on my toe and my toe definitely hurts, but no, it looks nothing at all like that. 😉


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