Just puttering

Okay, I admit it: I am still feeling the physical effects of the garage project from my last post, so I am loath to take on another big project this weekend even though the list of Stuff I Need To Do Really Soon is long and growing.

Not only do the lawns need mowing again, oh yes they do, but also the flower beds need weeding, the roses need pruning, the windows and screens still need washing, and the seasonal wardrobe needs to be rotated (winter clothes into the house, summer clothes out to the garage).

The weather today was lovely and perfect for outdoor projects such as washing the windows (or the car, which is another thing on the list, dang). But even though I suited up in my work duds this morning with every good intention, I ended up just puttering around the house and garage all day, doing nothing more strenuous than vacuuming out my car. Otherwise, I went through boxes and rearranged things and did a little cleaning and added stuff to the pegboards in the garage, various sizes of which the previous owner installed on all four walls and that I have just started using after ignoring them for years.

This is one of my boards, which the previous owner marked for his own tools.


I’m happy to have all these random little things all in one place where I can see them now. I am also using pegs to hang up garden tools, buckets, and various other objects that used to just be tossed on the floor. If I had a bigger garage and/or more tools, this is a vision I’d love to manifest:


Or this, for the small stuff:


But sadly, I just don’t use my tools often enough to merit this level of organization. I am just handy enough to do what I need to do with them, such as adjustments and minor repairs. I’d have to get to the next level of actually building things with my bare hands to merit a workbench like the one above.

And that was my exciting day! Tomorrow I might actually mow the lawn, or wash my car, which will be even more exciting! This is my wild and crazy life!

to the person who has anonymously and unkindly commented on several of my recent posts: please do us both a favor and go find a blog that actually interests you and read it instead. Quit trolling mine because 1) I am never going to publish your hateful comments and 2) I’m going to keep writing about whatever I want to write about.




6 thoughts on “Just puttering

  1. I have decided that things get done when they get done. But then I don’t have to winterize anything, so I might have a different mindset if I had to really think about the changing seasons. And what do people get out of being hateful to other people? I have never understood that. It says way more about the hateful person than it does about you. 🙂

    • My outdoor projects have to be done before the snow flies, yes, and we have about one more month of really nice weather left.

      As for the trolls, one wonders why they even bother taking the time to read and then bash a blog they don’t like when reading anything on the internet is strictly optional!

  2. Oh my husband would adore those photos. He has a very small workshop attached to the garage and has a few organiser boards but could do with a great deal more. They are very satisfying, aren’t they? As for the trolls, they certainly do not merit the waste of any of your precious energy. Bin ’em and pay no attention. They are so not worth it.

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