Spotlight on Super Tonic

Undetectable to the casual reader, we have a hit storm going on behind the scenes here at Going Forward that rivals—heck, far exceeds—any we’ve seen since we got Freshly Pressed around this time last year.

My post about making Dr. Schulze’s Super Tonic at home from August 2012 was linked on yesterday, and the spike in my stats today is bonkers.


The flat part of that little graph indicates my typical daily viewership. The mountain represents, as of right now, more than 2,600 hits just today. And what’s really sweet, from my perspective, is that the number of visitors is only about half that, which means people are not just hitting that one page and leaving. They’re taking the time to look around a bit, at a whole bunch of posts that haven’t seen traffic in months.

So in terms of sheer numbers, this is better than either of my Freshly Pressed experiences, but on the other hand, my visitors are coming from the general public rather than primarily from the WP community, which means almost no new likes or comments on the post because I have limited commenting to registered WP users. Nevertheless, I am pleased that my little blog is getting seen more by the larger world. I also hope it will encourage more people to try making Super Tonic at home because it’s great stuff!

Speaking of which, I finally harvested the rest of my batch a couple of weeks ago, and am now probably set for tonic for the rest of my life.


This is the final, decanted, filtered product that resulted from the 17 jars my mother and I filled last August. Too bad I’m not selling the stuff by the ounce; I could get rich. 😉

Thanks so much to writer Paul Fassa (who blogs at Health Maven) and for bringing me into the conversation about natural remedies, and thanks to everyone who has stopped by Going Forward since yesterday. I hope all y’all will come back again!


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