Out with the old, in with the new

Happy New Year!

I just love the first day of every year: time to clear the decks, dream new dreams, make new plans and start afresh once again.

I spent the day deep-cleaning and making minor repairs around my house, adding important dates to my 2014 DayMinder, purging too-large clothes out of my closet, and generally putting things in order in my world. A fresh air filter for the furnace and new batteries in the smoke detector. All my 2013 paperwork filed away. E-mail files purged and photo folders sorted. I feel as though I am right on top of things.

Today was the last day for my poor old bamboo plant, which I finally disposed of. In its place, I intend to put a brand-new pineapple plant, because I read on Pinterest about how easy it is to grow your own, and planting something on the first day of the year seems perfectly auspicious. I only glanced at the pin without really checking it out, so I just cut off the top of a pineapple and dropped it in dirt. How hard could it be, right?


But after I got it potted, a little niggling voice in my head suggested that maybe I should consult a few sources to see if I did everything right because that little voice has seen so many of my projects go FUBAR for lack of research and planning. Not surprisingly, since I neither researched nor planned, I did it all wrong.

You don’t cut the top off, you twist it off. Then you trim it down to expose the little roots, then you put it in a cupboard for a week to “harden” so it won’t rot in the soil. Assuming it hardens and does not mold, only then do you plant it. And if you’re lucky and your little pineapple top takes root, you might have a new fruit in about two years!


I had no idea. But then, what I don’t know about pineapple propagation could fill a book. I always thought they grew on trees. In fact, they grow on low bushes, one fruit to a bush. It’s staggering to me that something that takes TWO YEARS to mature sells in the supermarket for $2.50.


Learn more about how to grow a pineapple at home straight from the Dole Plantation in Hawaii or from this guy, who seems to know what he’s talking about.

The pineapple has long symbolized welcome and hospitality, which are certainly qualities I strive to cultivate in my home. I shall do my best to help my new houseplant—along with all my endeavors in 2014—take root, bloom and ultimately bear fruit.


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