My favorite day

Unbelievably, even to me, Monday has become my favorite day of the week.

I have Weight Watchers to thank for that, and a few other things.

Today is my weigh-in day, and I’ve been looking forward to it. I had a terrific week and it paid off on the scale: I lost 5 of the 6 pounds I gained over my Christmas vacation, so it was a very good day, indeed. But even on Mondays that are not nearly so stellar on the scale, I look forward to the meeting because it’s a great group of people who entertain and inspire me in equal measure. They have good stories and good ideas and good energy.

When I mentioned this to them tonight, and said how much I appreciate all of them, the group leader asked “does anyone remember when Lisa first started coming to this meeting?” Someone immediately piped up, “yeah, she sat all the way in the back and didn’t say a word.” I’m quite the chatty girl in meetings now. I’ve never been good in groups because I never felt that I fit in anywhere before, but I seem to fit in with this group. It’s a great feeling.

WW is working really well for me, and I am getting exactly the results I want from it. I don’t mean to brag about this because I suspect I’m just temporarily “in the bubble” where things are clicking. I know how it is with long-term weight loss and maintenance—some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug. It won’t always be as easy as it is right now, so I am really appreciating this phase while it lasts. The plateaus and steps back and other really unfun parts lie ahead of me. But at the moment, I’m on the right side of things and it all seems possible.

My little victories this week: starting the 30-day plank challenge, working up to 10 squats and 10 walking lunges while waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning, walking my dogs every day in spite of the cold, and keeping my discretionary point use to a bare minimum (I have a certain number of food points to eat each day, and another number of points I can use throughout the week, but I’m just sticking with my daily points for now). I am not hungry, and I’m not craving anything other than the healthy food I have in the house.

It’s nice to not feel that I am at war with or at the mercy of my body for a change. It actually kind of feels like we’re on the same team, in fact. And that makes every day a good day.





3 thoughts on “My favorite day

  1. Great news! I think if you keep the attitude that you’re getting healthier, and the goal is to get and stay healthy by changing how you eat and exercise, you will sail through the little setbacks and plateaus. Congratulations!!

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