A nice little ride

My regular wheel toy is in the shop all this week being repainted on one side after getting keyed at Christmas. In return, the shop gave me a little 2013 Toyota Corolla to drive. A red one, of course, because that’s the kind of flashy customer I am.


I can’t complain about having a nearly brand-new ride for a whole week—it’s a nice little car, solidly built, parsimonious with the fuel, yet peppy enough to get the job done.

Have I mentioned that it’s really, um, little, though? I feel so low to the ground compared to being in my Escape that it’s like sitting at the kids’ table at dinner. On the plus side, it has about a 6-foot turning radius and is a breeze to park (okay, you sticklers for accuracy out there, it’s not really 6 feet, but it is about half what I’m used to).

I can see now why Toyotas are always top sellers in their respective classes. They’re very nicely made cars.


2 thoughts on “A nice little ride

  1. We looked at those but thought them too small for us. We ended up with a 2013 Kia Soul. We’ve had it for about a year now and love it. It’s easy to get in an out of (important for us as we get older!), we’re averaging 27-30 mpg in town, it has lots of bells and whistles for a base model – bluetooth, CD player, great sound system, electric windows (my last car was a 2-door 1999 Accent, so little things like that count), four doors with a fold-down backseat, a storage compartment (they call it a luggage room – how cool is that!) that holds way more than you’d think, tinted windows, rear window wiper, and the list goes on. Did I mention we love it? It has the highest safety rating, too. It’s so much easier to get the dogs in and out into the back seat and buckle them in that it was with the Accent. First new car for either of us in a long time – Steve is still driving his ’95 Nissan pickup.

    • Kia makes a lot of very cute cars, and the Soul is probably the cutest. I’ve coveted a Sorento for quite awhile now, but the Escape is my ride for the foreseeable future. Good thing I love it so much. 🙂

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