This car can take it

I’ve always thought the Subaru Forester is a really cute, smart car with everything I value in a vehicle: fuel economy, cargo room, all-wheel drive, excellent visibility, comfortable amenities, and a reasonable price. If I didn’t drive an Escape, I’d probably drive a Forester.

Yet more evidence of this car’s value comes from that terrible freeway crash I alluded to at the end of yesterday’s post. Here is the car that got the worst of all 44 vehicles involved:


The Subaru was struck by a 2004 Kenworth logging truck driven by Cory D. Ford, 38, of Emmett. The Subaru got caught in the right front section of the logging truck’s loaded trailer and rolled several times as it was pulled forward.

Silva was taken by ambulance to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. He was listed Thursday morning in serious condition, a hospital spokesman said.

That any person could have come out of that wreckage alive is a miracle. I mean, run over and rolled by a loaded logging truck at freeway speed! That is almost the very definition of a non-survivable event. Mr. Silva-Cuellar was either very lucky or very well protected or both. We wish him all the best in his recovery.

Volvo used to be synonymous with safety, but I think Subaru might be usurping its place.


Yep, I could see myself in one of these.

Update, January 13, 2014: The Subaru driver has been released from the hospital.




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