Rudy’s foot surgery on Thursday went well and he came home the same day in fine fettle. I am really surprised how quickly he can move on three legs! Here he is in his Cape of Awesomeness™ (otherwise known as an ElizaSoft Recovery Collar) looking like a hero.


That bandage stays on his foot until Tuesday, and we have to keep it clean and dry in the meantime. The clinic gave me this improvised bandage cover made from a cut-down IV fluid bag and gauze, but I found it much too bulky.


Instead, I got a sandwich bag and secured it with a silicone kitchen tie. Works great.


I’m pleased to see Rudy eating, sleeping, alarm barking, eliminating, and in all other respects behaving perfectly normally. He certainly doesn’t look thrilled about having to wear this cool blue cape, but he’s going to be just fine.




6 thoughts on “Recuperating

    • They just removed the one outside toe (equivalent to the pinkie finger). The doctor wants me to have the tumor analyzed to see just what it is, but I don’t want to spend the money to do that when it’s no longer a threat to Rudy. If this tumor had been located somewhere other than on an extremity where it would have been more difficult to remove, I would have had it tested first and left it alone if it were benign. As it is, it seemed to me that excision was the best option regardless of the tumor’s nature. Better safe than sorry and all that.

  1. Poor thing! He looks very fine in his cape, though. I’m really glad that there are no further repercussions and he can just go ahead and heal and resume full doggy life.

  2. Dan and Marilyn and David and I are so glad Rudy is doing better. We’ve been watching progress with some concern. Our little dog Tashi was neutered recently and that was no fun for anyone but he is doing better, also. He’s wearing a collar to prevent damage to the stitches, otherwise seems to be tolerating it pretty well. I’m limping along pretty well, too, with a new cane. Enjoying springtime!

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