One less toe

I removed Rudy’s bandage this afternoon, which was a trust exercise for both of us. It was pretty tightly wrapped: a non-adhesive absorbent pad directly on the wound, covered by rolled cotton, then non-adhesive elastic wrap, then adhesive cotton elastic wrap. I had to pull and twist and cut it loose, while Rudy’s lips twitched uncontrollably as he stifled his urge to bite me if I tweaked him too hard. Finally I got the whole shebang cleared away to reveal a clean, dry, neatly stitched wound.


Of course, Rudy is frantic to lick his newly revealed appendage, poor thing, and if he stretches his neck and his foot out to the very edge of the e-collar at the same time, he can just graze the tops of his toes. He’s able to put weight on it intermittently and seems to be in no pain. I’ve been careful to keep him fairly quiet, keep the bandage dry, and make sure he takes his pain meds every 12 hours, so his recovery has been smooth. I don’t think having one less toe is going to slow him down at all once the stitches absorb.

I won’t make you look at his foot if you don’t want to, but for those who appreciate a close-up of a tidy bit of surgery, here it is.



6 thoughts on “One less toe

  1. Hi Lisa. Marilyn is here with me checking out the picture. She says “Hi” and we are both glad Rudy is better. She just had Tashi out for a walk, they both came back drenched. No need for a bath for him, today. Except that he still “smells like a dog.” Gotta love them.

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