Good choices

I had a rare clear day on my calendar, so decided to get the holiday weekend started early.


After walking the dogs while it was still cool this morning, I headed out to catch the day’s first showing of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” at the local flicks because I am an unapologetic Chris Evans fangirl. I must have misread the Fandango listings, though, because it was not playing at the theater I went to. I was relieved, frankly, because as I was walking in through the lovely new outdoor mall built around the theater and seeing all the kids playing in the common areas around the fountains and smelling the fresh spring breeze, it occurred to me that sitting in a dark theater might not be the best way to spend a day off, let alone such a glorious afternoon.

Instead, I took a couple of turns around the mall, which is not fully occupied yet but has some pretty cool stores now and many more to come (such as Sur la Table, for which I can hardly wait and ohmyheckIhopetheyoffercookingclasses!!). Then I crossed the street to check out a big new city park that I’ve only ever driven through in the rain, and spent about an hour making the circuit and taking time to pet all the dogs I passed. When the sunshine, fresh air and exercise finally wore me out, I headed home and talked my dogs into joining me for a lie-down (not that they needed much persuading).

I was pleased with my choices today: plenty of exercise, and smart eating. I had chia seed pudding and fruit for breakfast, turkey lettuce wraps for lunch before I headed to the movie, and bean tostadas for dinner, all of which left me feeling both stuffed and satisfied without even using all my WW points for the day.

No animals are actually being harmed in the making of this photo.

I am happy to say that I think I’ve finally learned how to cook properly and create meals that hit on all cylinders. The number on my scale is headed in the right direction again, too.





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