Speaking up will cost you


The fallout has begun from my post of early this morning, with one friend already blocking me on Facebook (which, frankly, I expected) and others sure to follow her out the door. This is the price one pays nowadays for speaking up forcefully about a controversial issue. People who don’t like the message just leave. No conversation, no discussion, no debate and no apologies, not so much as a comment on the post. Just gone.

I’ve spent most of my life keeping my opinions carefully modulated when expressed but largely unexpressed when it seemed they might offend. Apparently this has created some false relationships in my life with people who claim to like and respect me but quickly retract those feelings when my opinions don’t match theirs.

So be it. Here’s my stand:

I don’t believe in vigilante justice; I believe in the rule of law as the foundation of a civilized society. I am not willing to walk through my life fully prepared to kill anyone who threatens me. I don’t want to live in world filled with people who do because no good can come of it.

I have no apologies to offer for saying what I think in my own blog. But I am happy to have a conversation with anyone about anything.