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Here are my five most popular posts, based on viewership:

1. DIY: Dr. Schulze’s Super Tonic—Step-by-step instructions for how to make this amazing concoction at home.

2. Four foods that are cheaper than ramen—It really is possible to buy healthier food than dehydrated noodles on even the smallest budget.

If you mix Taco Bell hot sauce with your ramen noodles, it tastes exactly like poverty.

3. Julia Child’s Sole Bonne Femme—There are many impostors of this recipe floating around online, but this is the real deal, copied as close to verbatim as possible from “The French Chef” episode on which it was featured.

sole bonne femme

4. The jaws of defeat (Freshly Pressed)—Diana Nyad’s fourth and final attempt to swim unassisted from Cuba to Florida.

Update, 2 September 2013: she wasn’t done yet! “She freaking made it” after all.

5. The golden ring (Freshly Pressed)—My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Mom and Dad