A change of plans

I intended to cook a fancy meal tonight of pan-fried sole with beurre blanc and the whole nine yards, but the universe had other plans. I was heading out to the market for a few key ingredients a couple of hours ago and found that my car’s battery has died.


Fortunately it did so while the car was sitting in my garage, so I have nothing to worry about until AAA can come out tomorrow and bring me a new one. No need to get anyone out after hours this evening. The fish will wait.

That was going to be my whole blog post. Hmm.

Instead, although I don’t generally do product endorsements, let me tell you about a wonderful sweatshirt my mother sent me last week, which she calls “a teddy bear hug” of a garment. It is the beefiest, softest, most nicely made and most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. I just loved it on sight and even more so when I put it on.


It is 100% 18-oz. cotton, and available from the Oregon Cotton Mill in several colors. I washed it today and dried it in a hot dryer and it didn’t shrink, stretch, fade or bleed all over the rest of the load. I have a feeling it will be my favorite cozy shirt for years to come. If you like quality clothing that will stand the test of time and look great doing it, this shirt is a good piece to start with, and the Cotton Mill has many others like it. The ladies who run it, Norma and her daughter Kelly, are good friends of my parents and two of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, so I feel good about giving them a plug.


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